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Mr. Miracle Pencil Pinup

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  • Mr. Miracle Pencil Pinup

    Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time posting. Here's a piece I did a few weeks ago while I had some rare spare time on my hands. I don't think I'll get to ink this any time soon, so I'm calling it done for now. I chose to share this because it seems to be a fairly unpopular piece haha. Tips and suggestions for improvements are always welcome, thanks!

    Materials used: HB lead, Bristol Board

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    Well I am a big fan of Mister Miracle and I love this!
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      Thank you! Yes, he's a great character with one of the best alter ego names, Scott Free. Genius!


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        These are really nice pencils..great job with the shading!
        There are 3 things that stuck out for me....
        One.....Mr, Miracle's face. It's a bit flattened out....Pull it together towards the middle of the face and it'll look a bit better!
        Two.....The chains are almost over rendered. There's nothing wrong with putting texture and details in, but sometimes it can be overdone and distract from the piece.
        Three....and this is just my own pet peeve....when you put your SIG on a picture, it shouldn't be so big that it distracts the viewers eye from the artwork. Having a sign as big as Mr.M's upper body right next to him just ruins the illusion of the story your picture. Make it a little more discreet!

        Those are my two cents!
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          I agree with Dann about the signature. Very annoying. But other than that, I like this image a lot. It has a Kubert (as in Andy or Adam) feel to it.

          Thanks for coming out of the shadows, Brian, and welcome to Penciljack. Can't wait to see more.
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            I agree with you all 100%, especially about the sig. I'm just starting to put my signature on my work but this time around it was a late addition and poorly placed, it annoys me as well haha. Thanks you guys I appreciate the comments and the advice, all going toward to making the artwork better and smarter!


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              Really like this, but as others have mentioned; ditch the sig.
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                Thank you! Yes, consider the sig totally ditched haha


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                  This is amazing. This is one of the top 3 posts I have seen on this forum. The other 2 being NAR's Venom and Kae_ae's samurai cowgirl. I hope that an editor at DC Comics sees this. It is pro-level caliber.


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