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  • Few Con Sketches

    Well I put a bunch of con sketches in my member blog but here are two that were fun. These were from C2E2 awhile back but I've just recently been getting the scans back from people. There are still a few out there that I really liked but havent gotten back so who knows they may never be seen by me again. I really need to either get a better camera or one of those Vupoint portable wand scanners. I vote #2 cause those things are bada$$.

    well Enjoy!

    Write me some good dialouge for this!!

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    My only two crits. If ever possible...

    1. Fix Jeans face - I thought it was Psylocke at first glance.
    2. Unless he is wearing sketch-ups adjust Deathstrokes foot. A bit too bent / rounded in the sole.
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      Those are pretty sweet. Jean does look oriental though.
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        Great stuff! I like the rendering, especially Deathstroke's scales.


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