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    Hola PJ! I started drawing some random sexy girl, and kept adding stuff until this popped up. Done completely in Painter but I don't think I will do another full drawing like this digitally - I like the control of a physical pencil. It gets confusing in a few areas but hope you like.


    Everything is for the best.

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    Good image! You could've fooled me into thinking this was traditional.

    There are indeed a few confusing areas, namely the bottom left which doesn't read very well because of too many overlapping abstract black shapes, and also the right of the image which seems to have some blood but I wouldn't be able to tell what's really going on in there. Plus there seems to be a tangent around the neck of the big guy.

    Other than that: good stuff, and nice style.


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      I guess the traditional look is a good thing :-)

      I'm really not used to working with a bunch of shadows like this but I will definitely work on that for the next image. Thanks for the critiques!
      Everything is for the best.


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        am I the only one that can only picture Ms. Braddock whenever I see a hot chicks' ass wrapped in leather? :/
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          great job!


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            awesome picture
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              You have created an optical illusion with their legs. You've got to be aware of planting your characters. The headless man's legs are drawn in such a way that they should be hanging over a ledge. Also, your one legged female is not planted either. Profiles tend to make a face look flat. Especially a female comic style face because there is very little rendering.

              I do, how ever, really like your rendering. It has just enough detail. And, you have a fairly solid awareness of light and shadow. Cant wait to see more!

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                Shannonh has it have an illusion here that seems to mesh the two bodies to the point were it gets a little confusing...this is good work, don't get me wrong, but maybe if you used different inking techniques for different maybe use hatching for cloth, solids for woods....things like'll help with the eye merging all the different aspects of the picture together.
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                  @CyberWyld: I haven't seen Psyloche in years, but you're absolutely right! lol

                  You guys are right about how I drew the legs.. I actually thought about adding in a ledge while drawing but then the roof would have looked very strange. I'll work on separating things a little better to make my images more readable.

                  Thanks all
                  Everything is for the best.


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