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tHoR! fINALLY iN tEchnICOlour!

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    Really wonderful colouring, the textures on both the skin and the clothes are awesome. I might have gone with a more ominous background, but meh.. who's looking at the background?!


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      Congratulations Joh. It's hard not to be someonelse's clone nowadays, but you do have a distinct and easy reconigsable style on your own.
      Antonio Rocha


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        J.Alex - Thanks a bunch!

        Kiyoko - Yeah, I fought myself over it and later realized that the blue background made up some of the coulours of his original costume and I liked the trip down memory lane(the old foggy that I am). Apologies!

        Marshall - Thanks man. Truth be told, ignorance is bliss! I never learned how the majors colour the majority of books in that style we so easily recognize. Like you mentioned, maybe that's a good thing?


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          I am really getting into your work my friend. I saw this on your Dev gallery. Loved it!

          I am probably the last person who should be giving advise on coloring, but I thought the blues were too blue, so I played around with it a bit. A quick paint-over if you will. I hope you don't mind. Let me know what you think.


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            Well done, Arturo! Less punchy and more subdued colour-wise but I really like it. Especially those sprinkly flecks over the background. I'd have to repaint those big blue eyes but other than that - SOLID. And I love people colouring my stuff. I just wish it would happen more often! Cheers!


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              nice and great coloring........
              Be Happy & Make All Happy!!!!!


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