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tHoR! fINALLY iN tEchnICOlour!

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  • tHoR! fINALLY iN tEchnICOlour!

    Just completed this version of The Hammer God in colour! Enjoy!

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    I like your version of thor better he looks more like a god and not a young man carrying around a huge hammer .


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      Okay, I admit to not usually being a fan of the 50-inch bicep, unless it's on Cable and the bioic arm... And I don't usually like pigtails-and-braided-beards type Vikings...

      But daaaaaaaaaaamn that's a good Thor. I'd actually be scared of him, as opposed to wondering if he's some male model in a costume.

      My one and only little nitpick would be that the coloring on his front hand there doesn't seem as sharp or natural as the rest of the colors.


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        OH GOD YES!!!! Finally a Thor that looks like a viking! this guy looks like he just raped the town and burned the women!(flip it reverse it and GO!) if he really looks close to this in the future i may become a fan.


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          Great stuff!



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            Thanks dudes and dudettes! I'm already a fan of the big lug! Ha! Cheers!


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              I love the way you've coloured his arm and the red cape -- but the blue tunic is a bit 'too blue' - and the discs on his chest just aren't up to scratch (they're smudged and blurry).

              But, like I say, I love the arm and cape
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                Bad ass! That's awesome!
                Cheers, Alex


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                  As much "heat" as you take for your pencils I think there's no denying that this piece with your style in color is spankin' awesome. I really love what you did with the colors. You didn't just go the conventional route, you put your own spin on it and it gave the whole piece more character and life.

                  Sure there's anatomy critiques and what not but this takes me back kind of to the 90s when comics were just fun. If it looked cool then it didn't matter about proportions or anatomy. I love this, keep them coming!
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                    I agree with Beastie. The texture in you colors is really good stuff, keeps it from becoming that playtex look that a lot of colors do.

                    Having said that, i gotta admit i think you coulda had some more dramatic lighting in some areas. Overall it the standard "center high" when you coulda had some real nice secondary or even primary with the lightning off the hammer. Woulda made a different background neccesary, but i don't think that'd have been a great loss of time invested.


                    nice thor though, now were's our Beta Ray?

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                      Great piece.
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                        Thanks, Paulo, Hades - I'll keep trying and hopefully get better and faster in the process.

                        Beastie - The shirt, I must say, was a topic of interest that I laboured over for quite some time. I couldn't really decide whether I should lean towards a less saturated look(which worked very well) or something totally punchy. In the end, I went for the big sell and realized that unconsciously I'd made an effort to recapture the Thor of my youth in terms of costume colour(not design). The colours really reminded me of his traditional garb so I made my peace with it. Thanks, man!

                        Pencil - I get the same feeling when I look at the piece as well. And truth be told, that's always been my aim. To create magic in that larger than life way, and totally provide a sense of escapism for the audience. I hope the colour is unique, but I'm too new to the craft to have a clear history of what's been done previously. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

                        Plog - I will endeavor to create more hardened secondary lighting in my pieces from here on out. Thanks for calling me out on it! Cheers!


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                          Thats just awesome, very inspiring as well. You have a very unique style some things are iffy but this ... speechless.
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                            Well, I want you to say 'something'! Nice is always preferable. As for my style, I'm still learning how PS works and what it can do for me. Only coloured a handful of things before so I'm looking forward to growing. Cheers!


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                              nice stuff. love the colours
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