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    I really have no real coloring I've been trying to do some PS lately.
    C&C welcome!

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    I'm not an expert on shading either, but for one thing, I don't really like the lines on his chin. I find it strange that it's used only on his face and nowhere else (but like I said I'm not an expert). However, I have used photoshop coloring and I feel I have some knowledge on that. My only major crit on the PS shading you've done here would be that you should have used different sized brushes instead of one-size-fits-all (so to speak). I like your inks on this picture.
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      The inks are really well done. I dig that look he is giving the viewer. For the colors I would say to make sure you do pass to darken and another pass to highlight on seperate layers which I usually set to multiply and one more pass with a blending tool. That way even if you use the same size brush the whole you can blend that effect away. Nothing helps more than pratice, just keep at it man.
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        Do you have a tablet? If so you can set it to where the opacity and flow conform to the pressure of your pen.. that way you can get some smoother blending going on. Like the others have said - use different sized brushes shadows / highlights on separate layers. For a final tip, don't be afraid to push your colors :-) Look at reference and you will learn a lot.

        Overall I like the image, nice determination in his eyes.
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