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  • Fantasy biker?

    This was a character design for a weekly contest sorta thing. I've found that I have an easier time with watercolors if I do a wash of colors over the entire thing, and then punch highlights back in at the end with gouache. That way I can work fast and dirty, and not have to worry about keeping anything white.

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    Liche king, that is GREAT. Color choices are good, and those gouache highlights really add something extra. Nice work on the bike, too. I wanna see more stuff like this from you!
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      This is very nicely done. I like the style a lot. I feel that the distance between him and the bike is too far considering how he has his hand lying on it. I think the bike would need to be placed right next to him for him to reach. I think his legs look a tad stiff too but that’s really nitpicking.


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        Pretty cool. Like if Frazetta came up with Mad Max. No gauges on the bike?


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          I like it, though the bike seems tiny. I like the colors a lot.
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            fuggin love it.
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              Thanks guys!

              Bergulf- yeah, the perspective between him and the bike is slightly wonky. I didn't notice until I had inked it already, and since I was doing watercolors I couldn't patch over it.

              Spidey- damn, I knew something was missing. I was using photos of an old dirt-bike I have for reference, gauges would have been a good idea. That and maybe a gas cap...


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                Nice work here. The colors are great, and good line work.
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                  that skull had better breath fire!
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