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Characters for my comic.

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  • Characters for my comic.

    I have made some drawings of characters for a comic I plan to make. I wanted to find a style that’s pretty detailed but not excessively time consuming and fairly realistic but with some clear stylisation. I also have a tendency to draw stereotypical characters (stereotypical pretty girl, tough guy and so on...) so I wanted to make these look more like unique individuals that one can easily recognise based on facial features, body type and so on.

    I am quite pleased with how these turned out but I would very much like to hear others opinions. Any comments and critique would be much appreciated.

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    I'm not so sure why a guy would want bright orange tribals tattooed all down his arm. But anyway, I think these characters came out really well. My favorite is the girl on the right, but they all came out really awesome. I have been trying to learn how to draw semi-realistic. I am self taught just by viewing other's work as well as staring at people from life (I have to catch myself sometimes with the staring thing). I definitely want to work towards being able to do a style like this.
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      Thanks Neddypoteddy. Concerning the orange tattoo the guy actually does not want it, that’s part of the reason he is so irate. I wanted to make a design for the tattoo that was outlandish and not some typical tribal style. I’m not sure how well I succeeded with that.

      If you want to improve your figure drawings then I suggest seeing if there are any figure drawing classes in your area. It is excellent practise. Drawing people you see on the street is also good practise since you have to be quick and effective. Apart from that there are several good books on the subject. I have some anatomy books by Andrew Loomis that I find very helpful.


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        I am digging these figures, Bergulf. You certainly hit it with the style. The only crit is for the bloody chap on the right: his legs seem a bit small when compared to his upper body. I can see he is leaning forward a bit and you also applied some foreshiortening, but I still think he could use a bit bigger legs. And his knee does not come that much forward (check against his feet) on his right leg as I would expect for a bent leg. But this is just a secondary issue.
        May I ask if this comic will be something like World of Darkness? These two guys certainly have the look of a werewolf. I myself wanted to come up with a comic with a similar air - this was the point when I realised how far I was from the skill needed for such a thing:-) But your stuff is really good, and I am happy to see someone bringing such a theme to life. Keep up the good work!

        I second the Loomis book suggestion, Neddypoteddy, it is certainly a good one and I use it as well. I also have Christopher Hart's Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy which is on comic style anatomy, but still useful in general, and I own a huge 'tome', Jeno Barcsay's Anatomy for the Artist, a pretty impressive but sometimes too excessive book.:-) But what I would say is to really study the muscle groups, structure and layers from tablos and try to learn to more important ones, not just copy the pictures. It certainly helped me to get better (but it is still a long way..)

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          Thanks Einar, I’m glad you like the style. You are right about the legs being too small and somewhat off anatomically on him. I got a bit lazy there, should have gotten some good reference for the pose.

          Regarding World of Darkness I can’t say that I really thought about it specifically when I came up with the idea but there are certainly some similarities in the mood and theme. I have gathered inspiration from several different sources but a lot of it has been occult horror/dark fantasy orientated for this project.


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