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  • WonderWoman

    this is my first sketch of a female, so pls critisize

    In case img not showing, here is link:

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    Hooray for trying new things~ Some things to think about:

    Were you working from another picture? If so, it would probably help us help you more if you showed that picture as well. It would also help if you placed the image in your post using the [img] tags. You can just use the "IMG code" text from your photobucket page and just paste that in here.

    The space between her left arm and body is empty! Was her hair or a shadow behind her? Don't just think about drawing what's showing at the front. While on that note, her right boob is kind of part of her right arm now. One little line can save a lot of confusion for your viewer. You want to show that her arm is behind that booby.

    Her right arm gets very thin before it's cut off from the edge of the image - if you're working digitally, there's no excuse that you ran out of space. You need to practice drawing body parts as much as possible while you're learning anyway, so force yourself a little.

    Draw everything you can, as often as you can, and whenever possible, from real life. Take some classes somewhere if you can. Hm. I think there was a thread around here somewhere with book recommendations too I think. Good luck and keep that pencil-- er... stylus moving.
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      i can see some improvement. ^w^ Doing a good job there.
      This seems just a little bit rushed. Slow down a little bit and take your time.
      Lines will get straighter if you don't rush.
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        Are the lines drawn with a mouse? They get a bit wobbly at times - and some of her anatomy suffers as a result (eg. her boobs are bumpy).

        If you want to ink and colour digitally, you really need to consider getting a graphics tablet. Things'll get a bit easier for you then.

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