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Deadshot, Beta Ray Bill and more

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  • Deadshot, Beta Ray Bill and more

    Well I've been churning out commissions left and right and it's been a blast trying to mix up the poses and viewpoints. It's been really good in showing me what anatomy that I still really dont know well. When I draw my standard poses, I dont think that much about how this muscle group lays over this bone and where would this connect and how would that affect the contour, I just abstract it like I always do.

    I also started a members blog and I'll be tossing most of my new commissions and work in there and not as much in the finished work area so stop by and see how its going over there. I believe right now there is a Valkyrie, Songbird, digi paint of a lumberjacking robot. all pieces I'm just putting up in my blog so check that out.!!

    Without further ado'


    I also noticed he has lots of variations on his costume, some large and some small. I took an amalgamation of my favorite elements and tossed them together which I really like.

    Beta Ray Bill

    Well I'm doing this commission as a combo with the God of Awesome (thor) piece that I did awhile back. It was fun thinking of a way to have these look very similar yet each thier own piece. With Thor it was a more sideways right to left format with the swing and energies. The BetaRay Bill is more vertical in his swing and energy trails. My wife refused to learn the name of this character and so the name of this piece in her mind is "Epic Horse" which I'm pretty sure is what I will call Beta Ray Bill forever more.


    Magik commission. I went with the newmutants costume and ghosted the Limbo costume with magic stuff which was fun to do

    C&C always welcome!!
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    You can definitely see the improvements withe everyone.


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      Dude you've got real skill. I'm impressed.


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        Great work. That Deadshot has a Mike Zeck vibe to it.
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          Loving all these and I agree with Spidey, you are improving big time.
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