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    My latest work. I keep on working tirelessly. Some day I will get it!
    This is not total original as I used a pencil sketch of Luis Royo as a reference.
    Anyway I need to show it. Somewhere I red that an artistic work is not finished until is seen by the others.
    C&C is always a pleasure.

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    A work of art is never finished; it is merely released by the artist.
    Nice work btw, and whether it was you or a mod that slipped that Not Safe For Work tag in there on the picture header, but not on the subject header, someone should really either place it on the subject header as well, or move the picture down the page, since it automatically comes up as soon as you see the NSFW.


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      Originally posted by Wo-Nellie View Post
      A work of art is never finished; it is merely released by the artist.
      Whoah, Nellie, that's a good quote!
      True, too.
      As for the artwork; It's got a strong and proud pose. No apologizing for the nudity. That drives the point home.
      I think I would like to see deeper darks and lighter lights. Not too much. You don't want to over contrast everything and lose the soft female qualities. Just a tinge more to give us more interest. Also be careful that your watercolors or gouaches don't get too muddy. Great energy in the piece, though!

      Erick Marquez


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        Wo-Nellie: Sorry about the nsfw tag. I forget in the very first moment and when I was trying to edit it, I didn't find the way.
        The most funny is that she isn't weraring any panties but I put her it with photoshop before uploading!

        Mexiraguan: Thanks you so much for your comments and advices!


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          No need to apologize really. You even moved the picture down the page, which is saying a lot.


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            nice pic really sleak with a bit a gore
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