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Amazing Spiderman #301

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  • Amazing Spiderman #301

    I've always like this cover a lot, so here's my view of it.
    C&C please&Thanks

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    The shadows on his head and neck need to be more pronounced - a little darker - to add volume. Right now it looks like his head just runs into his back. His left hand looks a tad too large and just a bit wonky up into his wrist. I think I would have gone ahead and added the details of his costume webbing on his right hand since it's so close. Wondering why you chose to ignore all the drawing on his left leg in regard to the original?

    The buildings have a decent sense of atmosphere to them, but watch the straight up and down of the lit windows. They start to look like a crossword puzzle.

    I do like the very stark look of this with very basic colors and shapes. You've got some good detailing in the webbing.
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