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horray for 'turnarounds' (completed assignment for this online course thingy

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  • horray for 'turnarounds' (completed assignment for this online course thingy

    ah'm taken a course by Alvin Lee

    is good.

    this is my first completed assignment:
    two turnarounds (I only did the 3/4 views; Alvin Lee drew the first three shots in each)

    They're kind of rough in that I'm not wild about mimicking someone's work like that.
    (It was a major accomplishment for me to even just do the assignment.)

    this is so what I need right now.

    before this... the last thing I drew was that wiz of oz thingy

    I need to do more turnarounds.
    (I mean full ones
    Those right there show me in painfully obvious terms just how big the pot holes in my skills are.

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    Cool to see you on here again man. Yeah, your turnarounds aren't prefect, but they are pretty good and on model.

    What do you think of the SCHOOLISM program by the way? Finding it helpful?


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      Hey Jakob.

      Yeah..: I dunno about the other courses @schoolism - and I'm only a week in (one lesson per week) - but Alvin Lee's is pretty good.

      I think I'd recommend it.


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