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  • Look out!!!

    A scene from one of my earlier comic book stories.As always comments and criticism appreciated.

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    Hey Dezz.

    First, maybe you could post a larger image? It's hard to see details with what you've linked. On to the piece.

    I can see you've got some basics going. Your character's anatomy reads well enough, but it's not convincing and it's flat. Doing anatomy studies on a regular basis will help you move forward there. Study perspective as well - it can help bring depth and believability into your images. Finally, look into color. I see you're suggesting 2 light sources on your main character, warm and cool. That's a good start, but it doesn't carry on in the rest of your piece. Lighting needs to have some consistency to be convincing. Keep working at it - you're headed in the right direction.
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      Agreed with the crit above. for depth and perspective, separate the two subjects in the piece. They don't have to overlap each other. Put one on the right side and one on the left and a floor in between to show the depth between them. Your lady looks like her head is a bit bigger than what would fit her body. I love the smoke generated from the treads, but without any smoke from the fire above the treads, it feels like you're missing something.

      Keep it up! Doing a great job!


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        It's a nice little pic. It's almost unfair of me to criticize a piece you may have done some time ago, but if I were to point out an issue, it would be the lack of concern the anthro has for what appears to be an antagonist robot about to rip her apart. It's not that she seems all that confident; she just seems like she isn't aware of its presence.


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          She isn't aware of the robot's presence And I guess I should have exaggerated the position of the body and head even more.


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            The one thing that kinda sticks out for me is that the glow from her right hand doesnt seem like it could reflect on her face where it does...unless that blue light is also coming from somewhere else.
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