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  • Sniper and Rook Cover

    Another cover done for Sniper and Rook. Took me longer than I would have liked, but having to color most of it while looking through one eye was quite the challenge. Damn pink eye......

    Pencils by Marat Mychaels
    Inks by Michael Babinski

    Color Samples can be found here: My Gallery

    E-mail me for rates and availability here:
    [email protected]

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    Ross Hughes

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    nice soft glows
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      Really nice looking colors. I am not sure if that glow on the guy's crotch is a little distracting, maybe it is just me
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        Nice job in general. But not all your cool and warm shifts seem right. On the guy in front's pants, the lit area to the shadow is moving from Warm yellow to Cool yellow. Where his vest is moving from Cool green to Warm Green, indicating that it is lit by a different light source, which it isn't.

        When I say "Cool" and "Warm" I mean in relation from light to shadow as all colors can be warm or cool in relation to one another, if that makes sense.

        Assuming you are working in photoshop, and you use the HSB sliders for choosing colors, these are some of the helpful laws of color theory. IF you are going to be a colorist you might find them useful.

        1. From light to shadow (Value), Hue/color moves from least saturation(light), to most saturation (shadow). This is expressed in a diagonal movement in photoshop's color picker.

        2. Any Hue/Color, except those painted in white light, when a value shifts from light to dark, so does the Hue.

        3. When a Value Shift, Causes the Hue to Shift, it can be expressed like this in Photoshop:

        Brightest Hue Value LOWER then 180
        Warm Light, shadow moves to LEFT on Slider.
        Cool Light, shadow moves to RIGHT on Slider.

        Brightest Hue Value HIGHER then 180
        Warm Light, shadow moves to RIGHT on Slider.
        Cool Light, shadow moves to LEFT on Slider.


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