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Green Lantern: Costume Re-Design

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  • Green Lantern: Costume Re-Design

    A different take on the Green Lantern

    Green Lantern © DC Comics

    Here's the black & white/pencil:

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    His head is turned to the side slightly, which would mean that we should be seeing more of the helmet and earpiece on the nearside of his head. As it stands, the earpiece on the far side of his head is more visible (when we should barely be able to see it at all).

    As far as anatomy goes - the one area that I find 'uncomfortable' with many of your pieces is the crotch. They always feel kinda baggy and stretched and I really think you should pay attention and use some reference with that particular area in your next piece. I think there's actually an 'extra' piece of body on this guy that shouldn't be there. I'm at work at the moment - and can't use my work pc to do it - but if you'd like me to I could show you what I mean with an overlay?

    Another anatomical issue I see is that his lower legs are much longer than his thighs. If this is a style choice, that's ok - but it you're going for correct anatomy, it's not.

    Commenting briefly on the colours, the effect you've used on his dark, chest /body plate has made that part of the drawing look very different from the rest of the pic. Have you faded the inks on that bit? Everything has taken on a much lighter kind of feel - and it looks kinda 'cut and paste'.
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      Right, so here's a quick tweaked image. I've straightened his head and neck up (which strengthens the pose) - I've moved his ring arm slightly to compensate for the moved head -- I've altered his helmet so that it reflects the angle at which we're viewing it - I've changed his shoulder strap slightly (widened it to match the strap on other side and redrawn the angle) - and I've changed the placement of his crotch and his inner thigh muscles.

      I haven't bothered changing the length of his legs - cos I don't know if its intentional.

      Hope this is useful.

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