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hulk vs spiderman

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  • hulk vs spiderman

    Hurt my neck yesterday, so spent all day drawing this instead of working.

    Cheers for looking.
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    Spider-man looks really good but not interacting with the Hulk at all,, like two separate pics thrown together ,, Hulk looks to have shrunkin legs not foreshortened


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      What if you put Spidy's right arm going down toward hulk, and his left arm way cocked back more. I think that would give the sense that he is about to punch hulk. Hulk's face looks like another character to me.


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        -Positive things: I love the rendering, the foreshortening is well done.

        -What you need to work on (I have trouble with the same thing): Too much detail, the poses are stiff and not dynamic enough, particularly Spiderman and they do not make sense since these two characters do not look like they are interacting. The Hulk is staring at his hand or off at something in the distance while Spiderman looks like he is crouching yet in midair. His pose would make sense if he was grounded on a plane but his pose right now does look like you drew the characters seperately on different sheets and then merged it on the computer. I have done this before and what guys like us need to do is plan more, not add so much detail and create focus on the drawing. Think about first, second and third reads. And ease off on the veins(my problem too believe me!).

        Anyhow really nice job and cannot wait to see more work.


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          You know, I've seen scenes of Spidey fighting the Hulk before - I just cannot say I see Spidey ever winning that fight. Physically I just don't see Spider Man ever being able to beat the Hulk.

          Plus, I've seen some older comics - the Hulk was not even close to as dumb as he's being portrayed as nowadays. "Hulk Smash" was NOT the limit of his vocabulary..

          p.s., I think the drawing is well done, but it does have some issues. I like the style of shading as well - fantastic contrast.
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            i dont know whats putting me off on this action but the inking is just seems like two pics cropped all outa wack


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