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  • Bruce Lee Conte

    I just drew this randomly. However I had to photo trace this image. What do you think? Also, I know I made some mistakes, so what should I watch out for next time?

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    Just keep studying anatomy, over time it will fall into place. I would also start doing some prelim sketches and construction before finishing the piece of. The jaw seems to jut out because it is in front of the center line of the face. construction lines will help you put everything where it belongs. Also watch out for the eyes. they are spheres on a curved surface and the left and right eye will never look the same when the head is turned.

    Bruce Lee is awesome by the way. great subject choice.
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      Thank you for the advice.


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        I like the media you choice. color pencils for many of us was the first aproach to art when we were children!


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          His right hand could use the signature thumb open, index through ring fingers closed, and his pinkie open. Right now, his middle three fingers look to be the same size as his pinky. The musculature on his arm and chest looks great, but I'd define them a bit more; Lee was a tiny man, but had practically no body fat. He was almost a pure muscle machine.

          Great job! Keep it up!


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            I have seen others point out to be careful of what lines you curve in the hand. You can end up with a swollen look.
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