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    Hey! here is something I did for the Lovecraft Draw-Off.

    My idea was to portray the 9 ft tall of handsome Wilbur Whatley in an everyday situation, on how he would proceed to try and go unnoticed haha. Lovecraft was also sometimes a funny man.

    It was a quick color job, so I'm sure there is a lot that can be improved. It's not too dark?
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    I think it's a bit too dark. To be honest though, I really like the pencils, and I think the color detracts from them.

    That's a sweet entry though - nice job!


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      Originally posted by krikkit13 View Post
      I think it's a bit too dark. To be honest though, I really like the pencils, and I think the color detracts from them.

      That's a sweet entry though - nice job!
      My thought exactly. I would like to see you adopt the colouring style you used on your Red riding hood pic and hulk pieces before. A cross between Degas and Van Gogh paint strokes in those that was very appealing.

      You keep getting stronger with each piece and I love the pencil version. The Freud photo seems to work in the green murky bg.

      Question though. Does he sleep in that bed because he appears too big for it? I get the fact he's 9ft tall but the bed looks damn small.


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        Wow. I love the pencils. Very James Jean. I can kind of see the mood you're going for with the colors but they still leave a lot to be desired.

        Art Blog Goodness --> HERE

        Pummel - HERE


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          Man, that is one of the most disturbing pics I've ever seen posted on this forum. Awesome linework and finish at the pencilling stage! Truly original!


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            Jel, mine scared me while I was drawing it. Was it disturbing to put this to paper?

            Definitely lighten him up a little - I'd like to see the mottled yellow on his back and maybe an overall jaundice look to him. The green is eerie, but it subdues the horror of the image.
            Cheers, Alex


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              You guys kick ass!

              >Krikkit13: I was afraid that might be the case. it reads fine on my monitor, eventhough I've set lightness to 0... but I know it can differ greatly from a screen to another. I might just redo it completely.

              > Dri: Wow, Van Gogh & Degas, no less :P !? I think that might be a good stretch as I could only dream of being one day as good as those two, but thanks anyway, I 'm very honored!
              Actually, I really don't consider myself a master of color (yet ), I'm still learning and most of the time it's a trial and error process. I don't really have a set way of coloring yet, and I'm experimenting and doing things differently with each piece.
              But you might be right, a treatment akin to the one these two images had could be appropriate. I'll see what I can do

              Thanks a lot for the encouraging words too, it's nice to know that I'm improving.

              As for your question: yeah, he is definitely too big for that bed, as it is, as the entire room, designed for a regular-sized human... But maybe it isn't his room

              >bfowler: James Jean huh? I haven't really been exposed to his work, even if i've come accross the occasional Fables cover when at the comic book shop. I'll look more seriously into him.
              As for the colors, any indication of what could be improved (other than the darkness which I'm going to take care of) would be greatly appreciated.

              >Joh James: Thanks a bunch man, I really and deeply appreciate that. I don't know if I'm really worthy of the award (korintic comes to mind), but I'll gladly take it anyway haha!

              >hadesillustrations: actually, no, it wasn't frightening at all, I had more fun than anything else. But then I guess I have a very high treshold for disturbance. Usually, it involves humans.
              And yeah, I'll lighten it up.

              Thanks again all, you rock!


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                Like em both big time. I think the color version lost some of the wonderful texture you have in the pencils.



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                  Hey Jel,
                  Just so you know - I looked at the image again on my work computer, and the colors look much, much better on this monitor. It's still a bit dark, but not too bad, and it looks much less flat than I initially thought.


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                    Ha-ha, nice. Think the pencils came out better. The picture of frued is a nice touch


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                      Thank you very much guys!

                      As neither I Nor you were satisfied with the color version, I redid it, hopefully with more success. What do you guys think?



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