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  • Would YOU buy this book?

    I want some serious opinions on this. I want to make a marketable product and people really do judge a book by its cover in comics. This is the cover for the Brass Falcon Preview Issue (ish 0) and issue 1:

    Lineart, logo design and added colors by me, main colors by Ray Haddock (Teratophile).

    Iiiiiinput, I need iiiinput.
    Cheers, Alex

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    I never judge a book by its cover so I want to know what the story is about. The art looks great, though. My only crit would be the background colors are a little too plain, it looks like you guys spent a lot of time coloring that figures then got tired and finished off the background quickly
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      I dunno but I think if the background (Mainly the sky) was a tad darker it would make the character pop out a little more.
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        Honestly? No.

        I think the central figure and the helicopter look great, however:

        The sun feature on the top of the building is the same colour as the guy's cape - so they merge into one another.

        The brown, brass, gold frame around the edge is just horrible, IMO. Sorry. I don't know what the overall effect its having -- its like its sapping the life out of all the other colours in the image. What does it look like with the image bleeding right out to the edges?

        The muzzle flash colours feel too saturated and heavy.

        And....thats it for now, to be honest. The brassy frame is just knocking all kinds of impact out of the picture - and I can't see past it at this point.

        So, yeah, harsh but fair, I reckon


        Having said that, if I cover up the title logo with my hand -- the character, the background and the brass frame all gel together much better. So it is perhaps the bold and bright saturation of the title logo that's throwing things out of whack?

        I think you should either consider losing the brassy frame -- OR - toning down the colours and brightness of the logo.

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          Looking at just the cover, especially that costume, no. The shoulder pads are falcon heads? That's kind of silly. The whole costume looks cumbersome. I think it would be hard for that guy to walk around with all that weight, looks like he would lose his balance a lot. Not everyone will feel the same as me, so don't be discouraged.
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            Bearing in mind the colourful nature of this guy's costume - and the brightness of his logo - I've got another suggestion for you.

            Colour the character.
            Colour the helicopter and gunfire.

            Lose the colour on the background entirely. Let him fly over a black and white city. It showcases your new character much better - and lets his unique outline speak directly to the potential buyers.

            Lose the frame.

            Just an idea.....
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              as much as I like your stuff Alex, if I had never heard of it, I probably wouldn't. it's a great drawing, but there's nothing to really make me want to know whats going on inside, except that the art'll be pretty good. he's getting shot at? big deal, thats part of being a superhero, he's falling out of a helecopter? big deal, he can probably fly. it just seems like typical generic superhero fare,

              but on the other hand, Beastie makes a good point about the city being black and white, that would really help. it might even make me pick it up and flip through it. as a drawing though, it just doesn't have that "good-god why is supergirl making out with Darkseid?!?" vibe that makes me HAVE to see what happens. "guy's getting shot at... eh, he looks like he'll be okay"
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                Probably not but like others have said it looks like your typical superhero stuff from the cover. Don't get me wrong it looks good but if I want to read the usual superhero stuff I'll go to Marvel or DC. What makes me buy comics that aren't Marvel or DC is just that - they're not Marvel or DC and are something different. You need to show that yours is different than that somehow on the cover.

                On the other hand if you had a big spotlight in Previews telling what the comic was about or got some podcasts to praise your work, I would probably read it regardless of what the cover looked like as long as what they said seemed to be something that I would enjoy.
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                  Thank you guys so much for the input. I'd like to mention one little thing - the colors are absolutely NOT that saturated on the actual artwork. For some reason photobucket was not letting me post this image until I resized it using photobucket's edit function, which changed the colors a bit. The artwork on my screen is SOOOO much better looking. And that blue in the logo is a deep navy blue, not that godawful bright blue nonsense.

                  Keep the input coming! I absorb it all. It really does help me with my creative process and assists with my marketing plans.
                  Cheers, Alex


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                    Are you bitmapping your line work?


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                      I didnt get a chance to do a lot of work on it. heres what i gave alex to work with.

                      Looking at it now, I think it looks better without the gold border. the flashes seem to be coming right at you. Otherwise they get lost in the border.

                      i was having a difficult time with the gold elements on the building and falcons cape. they're essentially supposed to be similar colors and form a tangent.

                      yeah Alex photobucket did some funky shit to the color. lol
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                        This is way better. Leave the white space. The one thing that bugs me is the moon isn't round.


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                          Would I buy this book? No.

                          BUT... (this is a big but), thats not necessarily the right question to ask, even knowing where you are coming from.

                          I wouldn't buy this book mainly because of genre. Just not the kind of superhero take that really interests me. Honestly, to get me to read a *new* superhero title would take a heck of a lot.

                          But that's to be expected. You should draw the book that you would want to read, and make it cool, and it will appeal to people with similar tastes. A simple "no" from me is truthful, but doesn't really address marketability (unless you ask it of every comic reader in the country).

                          Does it look professional/high quality? Yes. There are some valid crits here, but overall I would say this is a very solid product for the indy market. For people who like this kind of story, I think this image alone promises a well-crafted comic experience. I think thats more what you were asking.

                          Beyond that, I would ask what how this is being published. If you have a publisher who is running it, I'd say bust out your best comic and hope for the best. If its you doing POD or a print run, I'd say... think it over carefully. I don't think POD works as a primary distribution tool (I can explain why if you are interested), and funding your own print run is a financial risk with overwhelming odds for failure. In the days when that was the only option, people did it and it worked for some. In the days when I can read thousands of indy comics for free on the net, its even less likely to succeed, and less necessary. With a webcomic, you can publish for free, with as great a chance or greater for building an audience. With an audience in place, you throw a trade up on indyplanet and sell them like hotcakes. Its just seems way smarter from a purely business point of view.

                          Anyway, good luck with the project. To return to the original question, I *would* buy this solely because its drawn by a penciljack bro, an if you go that route, be sure to pimp it here. You may even convert me. But think over your options. Your art should be driven by your passion, but your business decisions should be hard, cold and rational.
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                            If I saw you at a con I would buy this if it was a reasonable price because I know how talented you guys are and I support penciljackers. You just cant expect everybody to be into this. Maybe offer a free sketch card with each issue.


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                              We currently have a webcomic running. The first 9 pages are up right now (and they will appear in the book). The book will also have a sketches section as a little bonus for those that donated on the webcomic site, plus I'll be doing little extras for a few folks. The main point of the preview issue is to market it to publishers. We will be including a full story synopsis for them, revealing all the secrets of the storyline. Obviously, readers won't get that info.

                              The book is really designed to be a fun, character driven superhero story reminiscent of books I loved from the 80s. That's the general vibe we're shooting for. There's a major plot twist at the end of the first issue and it's set up to be a four issue story with lots of room for expansion.

                              My main reason for this thread is to determine what the standard market really is and also to determine if this looks like a professional cover. I really want to impress the publishers that we'll be showing this to at NYCC. I want them to think there's merit in investing in a pair of schmucks from upstate New York.
                              Cheers, Alex


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