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  • Cutie Death Squad

    Done as a tee design that was subbed to La Fraise (if you like it please stop by and vote for it)

    Its the ultra violent assassin team "the Cutie Death Squad". Violence brought to a new level.
    Feel like I need to create some sort of comic with them.
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    LOVE IT! Voted for it too. Have to say though, as great as this is I cannot stop seeing the Violet guy's sword as an antenna for the red guy. It's compounded since it's so close to and near the center of his head, I can't help but think the red telletubee has an evil twin with a katana for an antenna. Great stuff nonetheless!
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      This is cool, razz007! I agree with sadman2000 about the tangent formed from the purple-guy's sword and the red one's head, though. Nice job overall!
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        This is awesome. I'd wear it.


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          I guess having drawn and colored it I didn't notice the antenna look. Their seems to be no separation from sword and the head. Maybe if I remove the blood from the swords tip on the sword that is going behind the purple guys back so their would be a white buffer of sorts between sword handle and head. Maybe that would help resolve that issue.

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            Nice. Really nice. I didn't have the same antenna problem, though. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention.
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              Cartoony+over the top violence=win!!


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                I love it. Overall it's really fun.

                My only nitpick is that the blue guy somehow managed to get that huge gun through the back of the decapitated head without cutting a slot through the face.

                I think it would work better if you removed the gun and just had his fist coming out the back of the head.


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