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    A Full Pinup/Background commission for Gary Ferritti's City Of Heroes Character, Sentryman. This was Fun.

    be blessed

    Tools: Mechanical Pencil

    UPDATED IT SLIGHTLY: Ajusted the figure's size.

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    This is the bomb!!!


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      looks great! but i would use more speedlines. the car doesn't seem to me like it was driving.


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        Nice commission, but the figure on top of the car looks much larger proportionately than the folks in the car. Mainly the passenger.
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          Caanan, you're a fantastic artist, and this would be a great illustration if it wasn't plagued with perspective problems and problems of size and scale. The perspective here is weird in several places The building seems to be tapering as it rises upward, which doesn't make a lot of sense. If anything, from this POV the building should be tapering down as it rises upward.

          The perspective on the vehicle isn't quite right either. The horizontal vanishing points aren't set right, making the passenger's side of the Hummer appear a little more compact and squished than it should be.

          The bricks on the wall are also very large at times, but at other times, they seem to be smaller. This lack of consistency takes away from the overall credibility.

          The dumpster in the background looks to be very small in scale with the Hummer. The bricks on the wall behind it seem HUGE, and they don't follow the vanishing point of the vehicle very well.

          Following the vanishing point of the Hummer's pathway, it looks as if the vehicle would have had to pass through part of the wall to be on it's current path.

          Sentry Man looks to be too large in scale compared to the guys inside the Hummer. Compare his head, for instance, to that of the passenger inside the vehicle. Size-wise, there's a world of difference.

          Be careful when drawing the tires. It's obvious that you freehanded them instead of using an ellipse template. The right, passenger side tire looks fairly elliptical on the outside face of the tire, but the inside of the tire appears to be almost straight when it should be mirroring the outside shape of the tire at this angle. Little details like this really do matter, as being off here and there add up and take away from an image's believability.

          I always like seeing your work, Caanan. You are one of my favorite artists on PJ, but your perspective needs some improvement. The figures in the illustration are well drawn, and with the exception of the perspective, so is the Hummer. The hero seems very large though compared to the people in the truck. The poor background perspective and other oddities of scale really does diminish the success of the drawing, giving it a rushed look.

          Perspective can be very tough to understand--I stuggle with it all the time--but there are some very good books available that can help you figure things out. The Andrew Loomis' book, THREE DIMENSIONAL DRAWING is worthwhile. David Chelsea's PERSPECTIVE! FOR COMIC BOOK ARTISTS is decent as well, and you can't go wrong with Norling's PERSPECTIVE MADE EASY.

          I'd love to see your perspective skills rise to the level of your draftsmanship, which is always impressive.

          I hope this critique helps, man. I know you have the goods. I've seen you deliver them again and again. I look forward to seeing how your perspective skills will continue to improve.

          Take care,
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            Loston took care of all the basic stuff and then some, but my other nitpick is you wouldn't see tire treads on moving tires.

            Your buyer, I'm sure, is very happy.
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              Thanx Bruce. I know it had a number of issues - perspective being one of them. Just have to keep pluggin away. Thanx everyone.

              be blessed
              “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” R.W. Emerson



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