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  • Art Cards for Cons

    So I came up with an idea to promote myself more at conventions. I've done a few of these cards and am planning to do more...but these are small 2x3 cards that I'm doing quick loose sketches on for conventions. I'm putting them in card sleeves and giving them away free with my business cards in the back of the sleeve.
    Any thoughts? dumb idea? good idea??
    Oh...and ignore the small white lines on some of the pics...that's just the sleeve.


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    I think it's a pretty good idea. Everybody loves free stuff at a con. Plus, doing it ahead of time you can either do a few quick and dirty or spend an extra minute or two making them snap. I know if I was handed a card I'd go, "Kickass, Firestorm!" or "Hell yeah, U.S.Agent!" It'd be cool if you even threw in some obscure ones like Rom or Mr. Miracle (nobody gives enough love to Mr. Miracle.) For me? I can only look at so many Wolverine, Spider-Man or Hulk cards. But throw in the Suicide Squad, Jack of Hearts and maybe Batroc the Leaper and I'd be all over it. I think your idea is a damn good one.


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      About your sketch Cards

      I like the sketch cards and it would be something that would entice a customer to buy some s tuff from you. I can't stop getting the feeling that you should charge for the sketchcards though...Just alittle but you should think about it. Any thoughts?


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