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Rouge, Frost, Watercolors.

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  • Rouge, Frost, Watercolors.

    two more larger sized pics. Trying to get back to drawing normal sized stuff

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    Nice job on both of these illustrations, Justice41! Impressive use of watercolors for skin-tones, also. Only crit I can offer is it seems that at least one of Rogue's nipples ought to be visible given the state of her top? Doesn't detract from the piece, though.
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      Thanks, The nipples will be added if the person who buys this wants them added. Figured better to have the option than to be turned off by no option.


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        Wow, amazing work!
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          Rogue and Frost Watercolors

          I like both of these drawings there fantastic. I think though that rogue might have come out better if you have lightenup on the values in her face. Compared with the rest of her body it seems alittle dark. but that's ok it could just be sun burn. My issue with Ms. Frost Is alittle more pronounced. I noticed that in your Rogue picture her hair it broken up into groups which makes it look more lively. I'm not seeing that with Ms. Frost here. Even though she has fairely straight hare and it doesn't have as many curls (not-nearly) has rogue would have normally, if you use hair groups to illustrate this it will look alot more like hair. Though you have placed values in Ms. Frost hair now it still makes her look as though she's got some helmet hair (church hair has lots of volume) going on. Also as a tiny gripe it would have been nicer to see more indications of arms even though I can tell that some of the emphasis was suppose to be to her figure in this drawing. Great Job.


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            Very nice, with clean lines. The nip issue has been addressed. I second the comments made on the Emma Frost as well, with a few more stokes added for strands/hair, the fur collar cuff, and subtle shading/stokes hinting the arm under the cloth, that one would be perfecto. Anatomy is spot, dynamic and yet straight forward. Very J Byrne with D cups. I might have missed it in your post, but what tools/media (besides watercolor) did you use and how long for each?
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              Inks watercolors and bleedproof white ink. Could tell you time as I sketched out about twenty of these in one sitting then later proceeded to draw and paint em. The drawing and colors took about five hours for both. I'm doing two a day.


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