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  • Covers for Moonstone Books

    Hey all,

    It has been a while since I posted here, I thought I would re-introduce myself with some covers I have been doing recently for Moonstone. I would love to hear what you think.

  • #2 need anymore explanation that that?

    This stuff is beyond amazing.

    The top guy looks one of two people..

    Tommie Lee Jones or the Father from A Christmas story.
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      These are amazing. The Avenger and The Phantom are looking pretty badass!

      Yeah... the guy on the top looks like the dad from A Christmas Story... HAHAHA!
      Goonies never say die!


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        Hey guys thanks a lot, and good eye, that is in fact Darren McGavin of "Christmas Story" (and in this case Kolchak) fame.


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          Those are all awesome and while I am literally centuries behind you in talent isn't the monsters right arm(our left) in the first panel at an impossible angle ???
          it just really stuck out at me..
          stellar work though man
          absolutely stellar..


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            Originally posted by E.M.GIST View Post
            Hey guys thanks a lot, and good eye, that is in fact Darren McGavin of "Christmas Story" (and in this case Kolchak) fame.
            I grew up watching Kolchak, The Night Stalker when I wasn't supposed to. I loved that show.

            I love these covers. Great work.
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              your coloring style remenbers me the art of Brom!


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                Rvest2nd- You are indeed correct, but I thought it worked better compositionally, and adds a bit of creep factor "How is that happening!?"

                Popninja- I am a huge fan of Richard Matheson and the TV movies. The series I enjoy, but it lacks something. Darren McGavin is always a treat though.

                Frankie75- Brom is a talented illustrator, I am flattered.


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                  Pretty awesome. Jaw dropping really.

                  The only constructive criticism I have is that the monster's right arm in the first painting is coming in from an impossible angle if you consider where his shoulder is, where his elbow would have to be and the angle that the forearm and hand are coming in on the left side of the page.
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                    My mind juice is all over the wall. Thanks for blowing it.
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                      awesome. but the 2nd pic just made me go UNITYYYYYYYYY


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                        these are epically well done man...


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                          Hot Damn! I love your stuff! Im realy digging your aplication technique which Im gonna try and give it a shot in my WIP!


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                            That Kolchak one is gold.


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                              The Kolchak cover is a jaw-dropper! Nicely done!

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