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  • Archangel

    Hope this posts correctly. It's been a while since I posted. These are pencils of a character I have been working on. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks for looking.

    Also link at:
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    It's very um large. You may need to find a way to re-size and re-post.
    As for the image I think it's great, though you seem to be a bit of a beginner, you're definitely on your way. In time your characters will look more relaxed or flexible instead of static. It's like you're right at the cusp between newbie artist and damn good artist, so keep pushing.


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      Thanks Wo, I will keep pushing. To view at the correct size, please go to
      I don't know why my posts are always so huge... my apologies.


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        Your image should be sized approximately 600 pixels wide at 72 dpi for displaying on forums like this one. It's not difficult to do in photoshop.

        When you have the image open, simply go to

        Image/Image Size

        And make sure you have the constrain proportion box checked.

        If you don't have photoshop, whatever software you used to scan the image should have a similar option.
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          DFBovey, You are a life-saver, and of course, I am skill deprived. Thanks for the tip.


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            pretty cool, i really like all the detail you put in the candlabra. The composition is a little ho-hum.

            i must confess, though, I was hoping to see Warren Worthington III.


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