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  • Kyle Rayner - Colors

    I mainly lurk around here (I think I've managed 2 or 3 posts in the last year), but I found some time between projects, and produced some art for ME.

    Found this picture of Kyle Rayner a few years back by Darryl Banks, and fell in love with it. Hopefully my colors do it some justice.

    C+C always welcome!

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    This looks pretty good- not too over-the-top and not overly shiny looking, like what has become popular today- where everything appears to have the same texture.
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      HE HAS A NOSE!!!!!! So many people when drawing the crab mask forget about the nose. Really good my only crit would have to be that the ring itself isn't emiting the power. Its his hand. SO if it made the whole hand glow it would of made a lot more sense vs just the top of his hand.


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        Other then the ring thing this is rad!
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          Complete awesomeness. I love the mask as well, it really defines his look. I'm guessing you have a tablet for coloring since it looks so good! I like it!!!
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            Looks like a pro piece to me, just fix that ring glow.

            nice work
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