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Superman & Batman fight!

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  • Superman & Batman fight!

    Pin-Up just for portfolio. Thanks for watch!

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    Great action and poses! My only crit is that it would not be advantageous for batman to go toe to toe with superman. The Drawing itself is great, supes torso may be a litle long even with the foreshortening tho.


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      Just throw a kryptonite ring on Bats' finger...
      looks awesome to me..ambitious angle..i like it


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        Nice drawing, composition and energy.

        Batman's no dope. He wouldn't do this without Kryptonite.

        A few things bother me.

        The wrinkles are a little overdone. Some don't even fit or fold correctly around the form like Supes right right arm and leg.

        Supes right deltoid is dislocated and too large.

        Bats left tricep looks like it is drawn upside down.
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          I agree with the earlier crits, mikeljanin, but had to say that I'm really impressed with the dynamic posing and energy of this illustration! It's very impressive!
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            I like the drawing think it is done real well and the detail is awesome. The only crit I might have is batman's chest seems off, maybe a lack of detail there. Overall I really think you did a great job.


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              VERY nicely handled! I have seen your work on other sites and you have wonderful line style. Good energy and dynamics. Your work reminds me a bit of Alex Ross' unpainted figures, Minimalistic on the heavy shadows but great attention to form and folds. Good stuff!
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