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3 new illustrations (patrolman on a motorbike, fat man in a bar, cinema queue)

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  • 3 new illustrations (patrolman on a motorbike, fat man in a bar, cinema queue)

    Officer Mancuso heads out on patrol. His sergeant has made him wear a t-shirt, bermuda shorts and fake red beard as a punishment for arresting an innocent old man.

    Ignatius is taken into 'The Night of Joy' bar by his mother - and he is disgusted by the place. He is offended by the smell and the fact that they do not sell good coffee.

    Ignatius goes to the cinema a few times during the book and the text usualy describes his experience inside the theatre. I've illustrated a scene which does not strictly appear in the text - where Ignatius queues outside the cinema waiting to buy his ticket.

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    Great work. I like the style and sense of innocence.
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      these all look great dean,my only crit is,and i know it going to sound strange because your doing the stylized charcters.But in the middle one at the bar,the guy i the red shirt,head
      seems far to twisted .i'd move his right shoulder back a bit and get his elbow off the Bar.
      other than that,looking good as always.




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        A confederacy of dunces, I guess... So cool man. I really love them all. Nice detail on the shadow over Ignatius and background guys in the last pic.


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          3 very appealing illustrations, Beastie! The sock-garters on the Motorcycle Cop made me laugh. Some publisher with deep-pockets definitely ought to hire you to do an illustrated version of this book (Confederacy of Dunces?). Fun stuff!
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            Symson: Thanks!

            Brokenhill: I know what you mean - and I'd definitely do that if I was going for a bit of 'realism' with the pose - but by pushing his anatomy in the way I have I was hoping to make him look 'more comical and ridiculous'. Thanks for the feedback.

            Mikeljanin: Yeah, they're from A Confederacy of Dunces. I'm glad you like the shadow. Its something i added in Photoshop (new layer set to multiply, and draw with a grey paintbrush).

            scmarooney: Cheers! My agent will be pimping these images round all the publishing houses in London over the next month or so - so fingers crossed that I get some book work!
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