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2 new cover art for a commissioned project

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  • 2 new cover art for a commissioned project

    Here are 2 cover art for a project I did entited "12"
    Story by: Keith Robinsons
    Art by: Jethro Morales ( ME )

    Crits and comments are welcome =)

    Cover A

    Cover B

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    Love the second one. Super awesome. her hand on the rifle looks a little odd, but not super bad. The top cover has a nice design. However her hand,forearm and the gun don't see quite attached to her body or upper arm.
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      this is hot. i like both of them. if i had to pick, it would be the second. probably because it's more going on but they are both good. she kinda sexy too


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        Love the emotion and composition of the first one, I think its a lot stronger. The smoking gun X tears collabo is super strong. However the inking and clean line quality of the second one is more well-executed, there's too much cross hatching in the first one.

        Regardless, great work.


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          The 2nd is the beter one IMO. Love the group shot on the left!
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            The second one is better.

            The first one suffers because you're not good at cross hatching yet. Right now they are just lines. They don't create any sense of textures , contour or shadows.
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              Cool cover illustrations, jetzun! I agree with the previous comments that the 2nd one is far more interesting to look at! Nice job!
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                Thank you very much guys =)


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                  I think these are really great. I enjoy the second more than the first because it conveys a better story that will be told in the coming pages. Unless you are doing a cover for a first issue then the solitaire character may work better than the second cover. Your lines are interesting to me and are stronger than what someone said above about your cross hatching. Though your lines do look like they are some one who coming in to being they are still unique and that is good in this market . You have understanding of a good composition and placement. Great Work. Keep it Up.


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