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  • 1/2 of Secret Six

    some you might remember my ink spill from a couple threads down. it forced me to ink a piece i wasn't going too.
    I did this as a warm up so i would have a little more experience when i did that person commission? I keep forgetting inks are more organic and can't be forced like a pencil can. So i had allot of happy accidents lol

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    well, it kicks ass. My favorite part is the delicate lines of hair contrasting the rest of the bigger brush work. It makes me think it needs a bit more smaller details here and there to soften the transitions from white to black. like a few white grass lines, and leaves. (probably easier done in photoshop)
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      looks sharp dude. Im no inker but autowagon's point is a good one. Also that crow looks huge.

      Nice work dude


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        Your inking rocks!

        Yeah that crow is too big. There's an awkward crop of her arm off the side of the page.

        A really good drawing.
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          This looks amazing! I hope that Ill be able to ink at this level some day! Glad to see you didn't scrap it after the spill.
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            Love the distribution of blacks.


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              I like it. Although personally I'd like to see some bolder more confident lines for object outlines and so forth, but still very nice.
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                Very very cool, this makes me want to play with inks
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                  Looks great, ink4884! You ought to have more ink spills if this is the result!
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                    Originally posted by scmarooney View Post
                    Looks great, ink4884! You ought to have more ink spills if this is the result!

                    less spills the better ^_^
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