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First attempt at coloring.

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  • First attempt at coloring.

    I've been drawing and inking for a while now but never tried coloring anything. I know it can be done a lot better but I'm happy with how it turned out.

    If you have any suggestions to make them better please post them.

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    I'd try using a few lighter colors to really make her pop off the page. Looks real flat right now...unless that's what you wanted... 8)
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      I would recommend that instead of starting off with soft edged coloring that you start off with a cell shading hard edged style first. It helped me out a TON when I started coloring because if you can make those hard edges look natural and really convey the lightsource and form then when it comes time to shade more realistically then you're only working out of that solid structure of your cell shading. If that makes sense. If it doesnt just tell me and Ill take another swing at it.
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