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  • trial pics

    these are just a few pinup pics i did for a small company on myspace. lemme know what ya think

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    Your line contrasts and shading work well. The demon in the foreground of the first picture is pretty cool. I also like the good variation of values in the foreground/background of the second picture. That one also has some dynamism and a good sense of motion.

    There is always the thing about doing some life drawing and anatomy study, which I think might help here. For example, the part in the demon girl's hair is more or less a straight line, yet is supposed to be running back over a curved surface. Her eyes are flat football-shapes, etc. You might also look at shading... In the first picture the guy with the glowing hand has a big shadow under his jaw, which should be in full light owing to that glowing hand of his.

    Hope this helps!


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      thanx for the detailed crit,definitely needed and duly noted


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