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Icarus concept work/sketches

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  • Icarus concept work/sketches

    In this thread I'm going to put sketches and glimpses of the story I'm drawing from the upcoming DW anthology. I'm doing a story that is a futuristic/sci-fic take on the Icarus myth.

    This is a concept sketch for Daedalus. Sorry it's a little big. All I have at the moment.

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    One of my favorite myths.

    This looks like a cool concept. My only critique of the design would be that the upper legs don't look very supportive and the construction doesn't look believable from a mechanical standpoint.
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      Thanks for the comments Dave.

      My inspiration for the design of this legs was this:

      which, to me, look a bit unbelievable at first glance. There's no reason why this couldn't be structurally sound, given the right materials. This mostly follows the general structure of the human skeleton.

      My concern actually was the kinesiology--not having any really visible levers for movement. That's what I'll likely rectify.

      In any event, the editor and writer like it.


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        Are those sad eyes intentional?

        So when do we see Icarus himself?


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          As for the eyes, they are. The modifications to the story in the future setting will make sense when the book is completed.

          I'll try to upload some Icarus pics soon. I actually need to draw some up tonight.

          Thanks for commenting!


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            Cool designs! That DW anthology is really shaping up! I'm glad you are on-board, much success to ya!
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              Thanks! I'm having a lot fun so far. It's going to be a fantastic book overall.


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