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Vampirella pinup colored

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  • Vampirella pinup colored

    Finished this up this morning, and I think it turned out okay. I decided not to go with blood on her mouth and hands and whatnot, but I did draw in the rat for her in case she decided to get hungry.

    I was a little slack on the non-Vampi stuff in the pic like the grass and tombstone and background, but I might toss something in later if I decide to revisit this.


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    Nice colors and pose, don't really know what she's doing with her mouth. Kinda turns off the whole sex appeal, which is Vampirella's thing.


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      Thanks for the comment, saywer. I think I may have made the mouth too big or drew it kinda weird. Wanted her to have her mouth kinda open, showing some teeth. I hope I fixed that problem though, posted up the edit.


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        nice colors, especially like the how you handled the outfit. I think if you softened up the colors where the shoulder meets the arm it would make the piece better, I think it just that one stoke of dark that is makin it look odd.


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          IMO, sexiness is conveyed best through the eyes. You missed the mark with her eyes, IMO. But I like the color work. Don't know why the headstone is tilted, though.
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            Good points. I'll see what I can do to fix those areas.


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              Hoping the changes I made are a lot better. I changed the eye color around and tried to make them more striking, get that model look.

              I changed the headstone too, made it vertical.


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                Vamperalla's Spine Straightened

                I had a thought, I hope this doesn't upset you. I think the awkwardness of her mouth comes with her head being tilted. If her head is tilted maybe her lips should be pursed (kissy face). Instead it looks like she's brain dead or just got shot. No offense. I straightened her head up and shrunk her mouth by 20% or so. What do you think?


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                  ooh, and I just noticed her feet are really huge. I'm done picking. Hope this all helps.


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                    Didn't realize there were a lot of problems with this piece.

                    I will try and alter things around to see how it looks. I'm really liking the tilted head, and I'm really liking the mouth too even though it may look odd. I'm kinda thinking I should redo the left arm and hand and maybe have her hand toward the face.

                    Are the boots really big? I actually thought they were too small so I increased the size from the initial sketch. I wanted to compensate for the material of the boot with an actual foot inside. Maybe the shadowed left boot behind it is making it seem bigger?

                    Thanks for the suggestions sawyer. I really like this piece and want it to look as good as it can be.


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