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Spider-man vs. Green Goblin

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  • Spider-man vs. Green Goblin

    Here's a picture I whipped up today. I start a new job tomorrow, so I won't have much time for drawing and wanted to get this out while I had time. C&C please!

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    Nice drawing, Rob! Good use of perspective, I get a definite sense of height from the bird's eye view looking down. It has an almost animated/cartoon look to it with the stylized anatomy and cell shading technique on the coloring that is very appealing.

    Good luck on the new job!
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      There's only two things that stand out to me and that is spidermans right leg and right forearm.

      The thigh seems too long and the calve too short and that knee is pointy enough to poke a hole in someone (I understand it is a stylistic choice but I think you took it just a tad too far here).

      With the forearm the pointy elbow makes the foream look much wider than the upperarm.

      Other than that I really like the angle you've drawn it in and the perspective of the buildings is excellent giving the drawing a great sense of debt and the colors are spot on I think.


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        I really like this. The colouring is a little bland and the goblin's face looks odd to me, particularly the chin. Anything else I have to add has already been stated so I'll conclude with I really like it and love this style.


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          only comment i got is that spideys off hand makes it look like he's throwing the p-bomb.

          but otherwise excellent.


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