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  • Red Sonja

    What's up?

    Painted in Painter 11 over top of pencils by Tommy Patterson.

    Next time there'll be more foreshortening, a more wicked sword, blood splatters, and a little looser of a pose.


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    REALLY nice coloring job there.

    The somewhat heavy brushstroking works very well in nearly all places, and the flow of the fleshtone coloring is really alive. I'm no great colorist but i do have a few places where you may have "missed" it a bit. The glove on her right arm, though i know the colors are being warped from the lighting effect, the forearm portion and the hand part don't seem to have enough color in common. That one's really minor, and a few strokes of the original glove color along the top, away from the lighting, would ease that one out no prob. On her left arm there are really two "problems", or things that might be changed for better effect. Imop you should lessen the white highlight on her arm bangle, since that arm is mostly shadowed, and you might want to show it's shinny surface picking up some of the secondary lighting color. It would help push the arm back a bit and be more keeping with you overall scheme. Aside from that, and i don't know if this is the pencils or the colors, but her flesh does get a little chunky there and could use some smoothing out. Mostly i think it's her bicep that's causing the issue.

    Like i said, really really nice colors, those are only minor crits. Keep up the good work.


    OH! and welcome to PJ!
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      You got a link to the pencils?


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        I really like the hair, nice work all around. Welcome aboard dude.


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          WOW! how did I miss this? Fantastic colors!
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            great job, ...I mean really...standout stuff

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              i really like that unsaturated window of color that frames her..good touch.
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                Good job. Love the Dragon. Nice skintone choices as well. The only thing that's bothering me a bit is the red in the background that conflicts too much with the cyan/blue/purple color scheme you used for Red Sonja. Desatting the red might do the trick. (Blue=BG, red=FG, in our minds.)
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                  Both arms look to short to me (which you didn't draw), but the technical execution looks really nice.

                  I actually like having the warmer background and cooler figure because it makes the giant dragon seem much more ominous and imposing. That's just preference, though. Great job.


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