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Iron Man SMASH Hulk!

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  • Iron Man SMASH Hulk!

    This is the finished, colored-version of the Hulkbuster Iron Man vs. Hulk picture I was working on over in the Sketch section a few days ago. Its colored with watercolor/gouache paints and colored pencils. Inks were done with a variety of dip-pens. Crits are very welcome!

    Thanks for looking!
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    Nice. I especially like how the sound-effect text is starting to break apart as collateral damage from the force of Iron Man's punch.
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      Heh, this came out rather well and the soldier guys in the background looking like "wtf are we supposed to do?" is a nice touch. Don't know if this was intentional or not, but there's no drop shadow on the KRAM part of the sound fx.


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        nice background but i think in this case it distracts from the subject rather than contribute, especially that smoking plane. consider placing prominent BG objects so that they 'frame' the action.

        btw, are you a lefty?


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          cool, there is little depth from one leg to the other on ironman.
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            That's a cool piece!!
            I really dig the colouring on iron man!!!
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              i really dig the way you made hulks tweenkle toes curl as he takes the blow ....

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                cbickle: Thanks! Glad you liked the sound-effect shattering-thing!

                Scribble King: Thanks for the comments! I intentionally left the drop shadow off of the KRAM portion
                of the sound FX as I wanted to fit two different looking SFX into one. Maybe like two distinct sounds smashed into one? Not sure it worked all that great, though?

                kae_ae: Thanks! I agree with you about the background. I kind of made it up as I went along and just wanted a generic "Gamma-Base" sort of military airfield behind them. I should have thought it through a little better. I'm actually right handed, and was wondering why you asked this when it suddenly occurred to me, like a lightbulb going on over my head that I seem to draw quite a bit of stuff going from right to left. Weird. I never really thought about that before now. Going to have to try to change this up somewhat! Of course you might have another reason for asking this that has eluded me, if so let me know?

                autowagon: Thanks! I see what you mean. I should have used some slightly different colors to indicate more depth. Something to watch out for in the future!

                latino machete: Thanks!

                immigrant: Thanks! I wanted it to look like IM was punching Hulk so hard he'd come right out of his shoes, if he wore shoes, that is!
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                  re: lefty issue

                  Generally righties compose from left to right, natural tendency, and yours just looked like things moved the opposite way so I was just curious.


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                    The motion of the picture moves in different directions. The force of the blow looks like it's going counter clockwise, like a haymaker, but the spit/blood from his mouth, and the general direction of travel seems to go straight left. Plus, if the impact JUST happened, how did his feet leave the ground so fast? If his feet are off the ground he should be falling straight down or quickly away from Iron Man, in which case his fist wouldn't still be so close to him. Just something to consider.

                    Overall production is very nice. Great attention to detail.
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                      I'm sorry if this upsets you, but I deleted your background and drew in some speed lines and a swing effect to give the illusion of motion. See how doing less work puts more attention on the action? Hope this helps.


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                        Originally posted by sawyertechno View Post
                        I'm sorry if this upsets you, but I deleted your background and drew in some speed lines and a swing effect to give the illusion of motion. See how doing less work puts more attention on the action? Hope this helps.
                        not upset in the least by the interesting speed-line demonstration you did, sawyertechno ! If anything, I'm impressed that you were interested enough to go to all that work! For my part, I think that this speed-line look could really work well as a panel on a sequential page, or going back to what kae-ae said about my background, I could use something like this in order to more effectively plan out a background that complements the foreground elements, instead of cluttering them unnecessarily.

                        Did you do this overlay/cutout in Manga Studio? I have seen the speed-line tools in that program, but haven't really used them for anything (yet).

                        I'm always trying to learn new things and techniques, so thanks for giving me a different look to think about!
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                          I downloaded a few high-res zoomline/speedline files and overlay them in photoshop. I do all my work in photoshop.

                          You can modify layers with special attributes so that they affect the layers underneath them accordingly. I made the zoomline layer Linear Burn, which means it makes what's behind it darker and that's it.

                          I drew the punch swing effect by hand and added a stroke(outline) affect with the layer effect tool.

                          Oh, and you're welcome. Any time!


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