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Superman,Batman, and Wonderwoman

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  • Superman,Batman, and Wonderwoman

    For pummel drawoff against popninja;

    Sorry things got a little dirty. I used a soft lead and it smeared.

    Ah well, thanks for looking.

    EDIT: Decided to post up the more "original" pencils. I felt the other pic was way too dark.
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    Nice line work. Perspective on the "s" is off a bit but what the heck, still a nice piece.
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      yeah, good work hanzou! looking forward to seeing more from you. Hey, I don't believe I've seen any superhero (e.g.:marvel or DC) sequentials from you though. Think you could produce some soon?
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        why does batman have a gun? Other then that nice work. I like how wonder woman isn't manly at all and shows that a woman can kick ass.


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          he looks like hes flying too low.
          Too much forehead, bring his face up or top of head down
          thin his waist a bit to help with the foreshortning/perspective
          his cape lookes like it shrank in the dryer
          "S" perspective

          Looks good
          head is a tad too big
          soften her jawline
          show her feet and more below
          tangent where supes cape touches her on the butt

          head is a tad too big
          show his feet and more below
          arm with gun, show more of the forearm
          his thigh is too thick
          supe's cape cuts into him in a bad spot

          There is no distance between them so it all looks flat
          The two figures on the ground should be smaller?

          Jus some thoughts, Good Luck


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            stuff I don't like:
            the overall comp, supes face (I think its his thin jaw), supes logo

            Stuff I like: very crisp inking with some nice blacks.


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              Thanks for the comments everyone. Especially yours DM. Those are some things that I'll have to fix in the paintover.

              BTW Kae, these are pencils not inks. Of course since I sprayed fixit over the pencils, they might as well be inks.
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                Supes is too low on the page. His feet are on the same plane as the feet of WW and Bats. Its kinda like he's pouncing forward - rather than flying.

                The tangent between the outside of his fist and the back of WW's head could be avoided too.
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