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Batman Fan Art and Practice piece

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  • Batman Fan Art and Practice piece

    I am brand new to Penciljack and this is my first post...
    I have never really drawn superheroes, I've always done my own stuff, so recently I decided to start trying my hand at some supers. Batman is one of my all time fav's so I did him up. Didn't intend on making a finished piece, just started as a simple sketch. Would love some critique as I aim to improve. Cheers all

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    First off...Welcome to Pencil jack! Ok, I'll start by sayin' you have good rendering skills. Two things jump out at me as far as crits go, one is that your shading is a bit off on Bats. There isn't a defining light source. The second one is Catwoman looks Photoshopped onto the background, which is ok but she kinda looks like she is floating a couple of stories up. It could be the way you cropped it though. Nice job overall. keep postin'!
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      I think the perspective on Catwomans front leg looks a bit off. Maybe twisted inward a tad too much. This is a great piece! Welcome to the forum!
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        Aside from the crits already pointed out, the white halo/highlight around batman is really distracting. your colors look pretty clean everywhere else, its just those white areas. was this intentional? if so i would recommend stopping the white at the edges rather than bleeding over them.

        I think overall though this is a pretty strong peice. i really like your background work and your colors.
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          Thanks all, I really appreciate the critiques. I won't be working anymore on this particular piece as I've already moved on, but I will assimilate and apply to the next one! Cheers!


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            Great first post! Welcome to our world! I love your inks!

            Apart from the above posts I'd just note that your figures seem a bit on the short/stubby side. Ensure that the length of limbs aren't too stout for the subject chosen.

            Great work though!
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              Pose, colors, layout, I like a lot!
              His shortness/stubbyness not so much. Not so thick like a body builder.
              Catwomans head looks disjointed/too far up, maybe slide it down a bit?


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                Nice first post man.


                I'm more of a writer, so I don't really know so much about art except what I like.

                I really like composition and the way Bats feels like he is jumping out of the picture. All the comments above seem solid, Bats is a strange one as he's hard as nails, but not a body builder type physique...


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