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  • Blacksmith and Monica

    Here's some more school workm that I did monday and wednesday. These were a bit rushed but I figured I would share anyway cause I'm trying to get back into the pj swing.

    here we go:

    I was trying some differenct inking things for me like drybrush and crowquill and while frustrating it was also kinda fun to work with. Let me know if you got any tips. there is a lot wrong with this picture so let me know your thoughts

    If anyone was thinking red monika I'm sorry but it only supposed to be a cartoon version of monica lewinsky. We had to do a mock newspaper article of the 90's and I threw in a little comic and this was it.

    As always let me hear your thoughts and I appreciate those who take the time to look! Rock on!
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    Originally posted by Toddoss View Post
    These were a bit rushed
    Looks great both of em.
    There was another really great artist who mentioned he rushed a piece as well. I told him that even though he rushed the backgrounds it still looked pretty good for the limited time put in. He then told me that he didn't rush the backgrounds and that was the way it was intended to look. That left me scratching my head.
    Anyways, it is the same here. The background looks ok, in the first picture, but not stable, like it was done very quickly. You are free to say it was a stylistic choice or it may just have been done quickly and minimalistically, but I would have preferred to see something more solid. I like the minimalistic approach to the characters on the other hand; it's just enough lines to get the job done without being so minimalistic it looks sloppy or incomplete. Anyways just my thoughts.


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      You have a great sense of light in the first pic. Really nice!
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        I was actually really hoping for Red Monika. Nice work though. No real crits. I'm not so sure about the hat on Monica's head, but if that's what she wears, then that's what she wears.
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          Thanks Wo-Nellie and I have no art-speak excuse for the backround I used dry brush literally because I knew it would go quickly. I agree with you totally about it needing to be more solid tho. Thanks for the comments

          Eric Henson: Yeah I was I think most focused on the lighting I figured that if the figures were correct and the lighting worked then I could bs the technique so thanks

          Suitth5: I should do a Red Monika, in fact I vow here and now not to let you down. Next time you see a titled piece by me with Monika in it you will see the the red haired vixen cool?
          "A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still."

          Never argue with an Idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with exp.


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            Is it sick that I want to see a stain on Monica's dress? or: the famous "cigar" at her feet?

            This is just me, but I'd've liked to see more "separation" between the foreground figures and the background in the top peice. Like maybe a light wash over the whole back, or maybe make the b.g. in a second color? Just my 2¢ (which with 50¢ will buy you a cigarette). That top peice has nice drama, though; I'd like to see it enhanced.
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              very nice work . the right arm and shoulder on the black smith
              look off or twisted wrong.if i knew the muscles names i could help more. keep up the great work




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