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  • A cover inked

    Simone Guglielmini

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    This works very well as a cover, because my interest is peaked. However, I find it hard to figure out what exactly is going on. Has she just received the bear? Or is she supposed to give it to the man (I assume it's a man-hand.) I'm not even sure if she's kissing the bear on the forehead or not. Very intriguing, but confusing, I must say.

    I sort of wish the inks on the girl were a little more varied. The outlines being a little thicker, perhaps.

    What's it for, Simone?
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      I think the hand could be over rendered and not clear if the hand is mechanical or human, I see segments in the fingers and the palm looks flat.

      The inks and everything else are brilliant.


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        Morgan, Ra, thanks a lot for the replies and feedback.

        Ra, the cover has been requested by the same writer I worked with on the 3 noir pages I posted here some months ago. I agree with you the situation is not clear at all, but it's exacltly what he described me.

        morgan, the hand is human and it's a black man hand dirty and with blood stains. I tried o do my best in inking it, but I'm not 100% happy with it too
        Simone Guglielmini


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          I dig it. Very clean and excellent composition. Everything from the curtains to the hand lead right to the girl. Kudos. From what i remember about the sketch/pencils it looks exactly the same as far as shadows and comp. Do you do alot of planning before you tackle pencils? I mean thumbnails or studies or anything like that. Also, what kinds of tools do you ink with? Obviously lots of brush, just wondering what brands or types you use.
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            Hi Slim, happy you liked it.

            as I said in another topic i use to draw my pencil in smaller size, because in his way I'm able to have a better control of the composition and perspective, it's just a my approach.
            After I print in blue in comic board size and start inking. For ink I use Rapidograph pens several sizes...usually 0,2, 0,6 and 0,8 (panel frame etc..). I use brush too, i have a WN number 2 and I have also Faber Castell Pitt pen (brush tip). I often use rapidograph and brush pen almost finished for the dry brush/ sign effect.

            Hope it answered your question
            Simone Guglielmini


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              I love your MILAZZO style pal!!!!!


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                This is cool, but I'm a bit worried by the contrast in the inking between the girl and the hand.... I think maybe you overinked the hand, though, as you say, it's meant to be dark and bloody so I dunno - the girl catches the eye first and the hand takes a split second to work out...


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