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    Been really digging this comic, so I threw this together.

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    That's fantastic, man. I'd love to see it progress to inks & colours.
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      Yup but before something must be corrected to the legs and foots. Else good work !


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        Originally posted by Bhl! View Post
        Yup but before something must be corrected to the legs and foots. Else good work !
        Whats wrong with the legs and feet?


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          Nicely executed ...

          Personally, I think that this is nicely done, and well executed. I think what Bhl! is talking about is the left figure's left leg and foot. I don't think there is anything wrong with the left leg, but the foot looks slightly off. It doesn't quite look like it could support his weight correctly. I would correct his left foot, by moving so that the foot points slightly to the right. Again, I think that this is still sharp piece, without any tweaking.


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            left foot and leg appear flat from knee pad to tip of his toe & I don't think inks will change that.
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              Very nice job, even if there are he anatom problems mentioned above. Very nice page, I would also like to see it inked and colored


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                I really like what you've got here. Your pencil-work is nice throughout and I'm always a fan of good Kirby dots! The face on the foreground character is particularly a stong portion of the page. The main area that might be "tweakable" is the background rendering (that hard-hatching is a bit distracting to my eye). Perhaps you might end up softening that area or replacing the darked space with "x"s to represent where the solid inks shoud go. You can also select one main direction to hatch and just go with that to simplify what you have going there. Either way, it might be unecessary since you're inking it anyway, but it might be helpful advice if you are a penciler that would forward work to an inker--or if you want the pencils to stand alone as a finished piece.

                Sorry for going on about something so small when your work is looking exceptional! Keep up the great line-work!

                -Take care!
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