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Interview with Dracula

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  • Interview with Dracula

    Here are two complete comic strips that my wife and I just completed. Just thought I would post them and see what the board thought. Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Hey Fred ( and wife )
    well being a Famous Monster fan all my life..I do see the point in the strips...But! ( And it might be my Mummified sense of humor ) but your not hitting my funny bone.
    Very Sunday Comic looking..and a lot of them don't tickle me too
    Keep that Pencil Busy!


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      I was thinking the same as our illustrious Mr. Warner. With the Sunday funnies it is often too dry; I assume the root cause behind it is due to them having to churn them out in such rapid succession, and inspiration and quality aren't easily manufactured on the fly.
      With your strips, if they're not to be weekly, or worse daily , then spend time with them to improve them to their maximum ability before releasing them, otherwise there is little point.


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