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Centaur vs. Chimera

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  • Centaur vs. Chimera

    Drawing for PRM with Humbler


    I dont do backgrounds often, and i struggled with the rocks and trees in the back ground. any good techniques for rendering rocks and trees?

    Thanks for looking
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    How can i learn if no one tells me what i'm doing wrong?
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      I love the pencil-work here. Your line-weight variation is commendable as well.

      I do sort of get the sense that the characters are just "floating" on the page with no connection to the background. In you foreground you've got some great opportunity to show the Chimera making impact with the ground. Throw some flying rocks and/or dirt at the point of impact to tie in that background more. I also noticed your Centaur's left hand is a bit off. The webbing in-between the thumb and pointer would start a little higher than what you have here. Another suggestion would be to take another look at some images of horses to completely nail their anatomy.

      None of those things derail the good work you have here, but amending those things could possibly help take your art to the next level!

      Hope this helps! Great stuff!
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        Yeah i had a lot of trouble with that left hand, cant even remember how many times i redrew it, and i still knew it didnt look right.

        I had never drawn horses before this so i think i did fair for my first try. i think the muscles in the legs arent quite right now that i look at it.

        Thanks for the feedback!
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