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Cover for somethin.... still havent been told

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  • Cover for somethin.... still havent been told

    Did this for Friends of Coal. They are what they say. Original was done on typical comic page bristol, used microns for line work and brush for larger blacks and some minor areas. Worked 56 hours on the thing in three days, using lots of photo reference. They wanted an insane amount of images in the thing but no idea of what they wanted exactly. Only made 200 bucks, but ,eh, went with the first idea i had. You get what you pay for.[IMG][/IMG]

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    The picture is very well done. especially your inking is very fine and tight, very nice job with the referencing, you can tell. The picture really reads as two main images tho the top and bottom half with each having thier own horizon line.

    About the pay, its a very personal subject ,but I would recommend finding a way to stream line these pics if they want a bunch more. Cause if you spent 56 hours and got 200 bucks then you are really only getting $3.57/hr and while for me I would love 200 for a BW illustration job you need to make sure it's gonna be worth your time.
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      Yeah, i got boned. But its my own fault i guess. Still havent found out what their using it for, and havent signed off permission to use the image still. This was the first time ive inked an image this large in about..oh...5 yrs.
      After was finished i kinda noticed the eye in the center of the pic...coal looks into your soul


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        It's a very good picture, but the unintentional eye complete with iris and the darker areas, and the darkened cloudy sky give it a very spooky feel; not something I'd assume they'd be looking for if they were promoting coal, but I can't read their minds.
        Anyways glad they liked it, and it lets you know you can probably now start charging a little higher rate.


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