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  • Caitlin - Gen13

    Ahhh, Caitlin. How lovely though art.... Just a quick colouring job over one of my ancient sketches. How is my colouring proceeding? Any tips?

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    Just how old is this sketch? It looks quite different from your current stuff.

    The coloring is pretty decent. You have a good grasp of light and shadows. You could give her legs more of a pinkish shading like on her face. They look rather pale as is.


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      I think your figures have a tendency to look pretty flat usually, but there's a nice sense of volume to this, particularly on her torso, but the legs seem to lack the same depth.


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        Cool comments, Spidey and Finch! Here's my reply..

        Spidey - Thanks! Red heads generally have much paler skin than the rest of us. Melatonin and all that. Think Nicole Kidman. Faces are usually more flush with colour (cheeks). That's my take on a redhead, from what I can remember from my dating years!

        Finch - I tend to agree with you about the flat looking skin. My research into how many other colourists tackle this doesn't reveal a better solution. Any streaks of light or effects just change the texture. After all, it's not as reflective as the suit, or rough. If you have a better solution to capturing profile light on a 2D surface I'm YOUR research junkie. Give it, here. I'm getting good nods from pro colourists on it so I don't think there is a solution (or more than this isn't needed). I still agree with you though. Thanks.


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          I think the way you illustrated her hair is brilliant!
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