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Random Character of mine with color

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  • Random Character of mine with color


    Here's some new stuff, kinda wanted to play with photoshop and color this guy in. My color job is lacking but I think its at least a fun pic.

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    Ok, interesting, but I feel his left arm is coming up a bit short.
    Concentrating on colors you did an adequate job. It feels a bit muddy, but considering the scene this is fine. The halo affect around both hands are bothersome; it needs either to be removed or to be more pronounced if it is important, otherwise it becomes a strange distraction. The blood is a bit odd, not so much the color, but as to whether it is his or someone else's. It appears as though this were clipped from a larger scene and we're just missing important elements that would help to explain the scene better.


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      Yeah, the scene is cut in half, there is an uncolored half which explains the blood. This was my first attempt to color something with photoshop, so I figured I'd start small. His left arm was going to be slightly more aimed at the viewer but I zoned off when I drew the hand and forgot my perspective. I think the other arm kinda went too long as well.


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