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    pencils by Ken Rocafort
    inks by Billy Crooks - who sent me the high res to play with

    I like KR's linework, you can be quite slack on the shading etc and it still looks good!

    high res inks are on my website for those who want 'em -->

    I colour stuff...

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    That book was sooo good too.


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      At first I thought the smoke was rock. You really should do something about that. More depth in your background would be good, too. The sky is nice and bright, but the rubble in the foreground has the same value as the mountains in the back- in fact, it's brighter. Set up a dark-to-light value scheme and stick to it!
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        First published work:


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          The fire and its reflection on the car looks great, pretty well done!


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            Really nice job at not overpowering the art here, yet creating a definite atmosphere and level of depth that I'm sure wasn't present before.
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              Man, I frikkin' love Kenneth Rocafort! i think he is one of the most underrated guys out their. His looser work is so interesting to look at. Great job coloring this.
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                PS_Sean, your site has a ton of great resources. Thanks for sharing!
                "You can't paint the house until you build it first!" I'm talking about art.
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                  Some more love going out to who is perhaps the finest colorist on the board.


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                    So an anonymous poster left this piece of negative rep.. Not that I really care, but I felt I should share because they meant it more as a reflection on Sean than my opinion of his skills.

                    "You're wrong. Sean has a history of swiping from other colorists and using their advice to better his pieces without ever learning anything."

                    This post is a bit indefensible, but since I'm always willing to listen to all sides someone may show me how my opinion is incorrect.
                    I still hold that learning from other colorists to improve one's artwork is not a bad thing and not worthy of spite. If I've somehow misunderstood what the neg. repper was saying, please correct me.


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                      Very nicely done.

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