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  • Vampire

    My PUMMEL entry for this month vs. g0b1in. I wanted to do some ink wash over it, but don't think I'll have the time. Plus I think it stands ok as pencils.

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    I love how wrinkles look so bravo on those wrinkles you drew around the eyes. I wish some of the same type of wrinkles are drawn on the forehead. The forehead right now looks plain.

    However, I did see the progression of this picture and I have to say that I like it when he didn't have long hair. He looked more like an old man. And that kinda made it more creepy.
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      Those are some creepy looking eyes....


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        Very nice. My only critique would be that the forehead is maybe a bit small and the head a bit flat.


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          Hands & forehead bigger = perfect.
          Good job anyway. Creepy!


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            he looks like he's about to sneeze.
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              That's pretty incredible. It was fun to watch the progress on this.
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                if he's all covered in blood like he's feeding he should have blood on his teeth. Awesome detailing
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                  that looks great. i think it is unbeatable.
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                    Outstanding. Love the pencil work. More forehead maybe, and the fingers are a touch sausage-like, but damn, I dig this.
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                      I think this is the most realistic I've seen you go...

                      A few crits that could help on your next piece:
                      -considering the size of the head and the hands being in the foreground, they should be bigger. like at least 30% more.
                      -His head seems to be very sunken in his shoulders, to the point of being very uncomfortable.
                      The tips of the fingers and nail shapes seem a little odd, espcially considering the attention and elegance that was brought to the rest of the drawing.

                      These are not distracting points, but they could improve the overall image I think.

                      The expression is fantastic, the eyes are absolutely awesome.


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                        Thanks dudes! Appreciate the comments and critiques!

                        I agree about the blood on the teeth. Should probably be some on the tongue as well. That's probably something I'd consider tinting with color because I don't want to go too overboard with the blood.

                        I made a few proportional decisions to make him look more monstrous. Eyes further apart, smaller forehead, large nose.

                        Definitely could have worked on the hands a bit more for sure. Needs longer nails, but I'm not sure that they need to be larger.

                        Would have also liked to have put more attention into clothing details.
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                          He's saying "AAHH!! I got barbecue sauce in my eyes!!!"

                          Just kidding. Nice work!


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                            I love the detail although I feel like you lose it in the hands. I would have liked to have seem the wrinkly detail in the hands as well. Very nice ovrerall
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                              Nice finish i like the background you put in there.
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